Fall 2013
    EEP 100: Microeconomic Theory with Application to Natural Resources
Graduate Student Instructor for Prof. Ethan Ligon 

Fall 2014
    EEP 118: Introductory Applied Econometrics 
Graduate Student Instructor for Prof. Elisabeth Sadoulet


Spring 2016 


Spring 2015
I completed UC Berkeley's Mentoring in Higher Education course, to develop skills for effective mentoring in research.

Fall 2014 & Spring 2015
As part of URAP (Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program), I mentored students in research projects and in applying to graduate school.
PROJECT: I led students in using STATA and R for cleaning and matching large datasets of consumer purchases. The students learned how to automate procedures and write code to make tasks replicable by others. Additionally, I guided the students through the application process for graduate school. We met bi-weekly to discuss their goals for graduate school, how to write applications essays, and how to apply for fellowships and grants.

Fall 2013 & Spring 2014
Through the support of SPUR (Sponsored Projects for Undergraduate Research) and Professor Sofia Berto Villas-Boas, I organized and led a team of 11 undergraduates in field research and data collection. 
PROJECT: Students obtained first-hand experience in field research and learned how to design data collection in order to implement econometric analysis. First, the students completed an ethics-in-research course. Second, I trained the students in how to collect observational data and taught the students about difference-in-difference analysis. Third, the students went with me on bi-weekly visits to Bay Area supermarkets to observe and collect data on customer behavior at checkout. Finally, to wrap-up the two-semester project, I hosted a seminar with the students to present the preliminary results and to discuss future analysis.